Our Mission Statement

CME Solutions strives to be the best in its class by offering a superior service with regards to reliability, quality of workmanship and knowledge, safe working practices and policies, cleanliness on the job and our professional approach to every aspect of our delivery. Energyis an integral part of our lifestyle and the foundation for our quality of life, it is your right as a consumer to have a company that will always put you first.

Being conscious of our core values, both individually and as a team, we are committed to:

  • INTEGRITY - We stand by our high level of integrity in aspects of our approach to the electrical industry, our clients and our employees
  • PROFESSIONALISM - As a team we only accept the highest level of professionalism from each other and in all the technical aspects of our delivery
  • RELATIONSHIP - We focus on building and maintaining long-term professional relationships with all our clients, industry associations and our charity partners
  • QUALITY - Our no exceptions on quality products only, our industry leading HSEQ system, we employ quality people, we set and live by high quality standards
  • DIVERSITY - We are a multi-discipline diverse company with a strong focus on innovative technology, renewable energy, energy storage
  • COMMUNITY - Our position in the industry gives us a great reach and exposure in the corporate sector, this assists us in our strong vision in giving back to the community through our charity partnerships, sponsorship and general community minded approach